Here at GUNBROS, we have done everything in our power to spread freedom, through the vein of the second amendment, for the masses across the United States of America. Below, we have written an easy to follow guide on how to purchase a firearm over the internet. Stick with us, we promise this is not intimidating and is, quite honestly, as easy as pie…American pie 🇺🇸. All firearms must be shipped to an FFL (federal firearms licensee). It is in your best interest to ship to an FFL located in the state of which you reside.

Before Purchase

1.)    First and foremost, this is the lengthiest part, ensure that you are legally allowed to possess the firearm(s) that you are wishing to purchase. Do this by checking your state and local laws/regulations. Don’t be a moron and try to purchase something you shouldn’t, not only will you not get the item(s) you paid for but could face potential charges by law enforcement.

2.)    Contact the FFL you would like your firearm(s) shipped to and ask them if they would complete a transfer on your behalf. Assuming they do transfers, get the FFL to send an email of their current FFL paperwork to or a fax to 6206699733.*,**

NOTE: If this process is foreign to you, send us an email to and we will do our best to walk you through everything!

Now onto the easy step-by-step stuff.

3.)    Select the firearm you would like to purchase from our online store.

4.)    Press the “Select FFL Dealer” button (this is found on every firearm’s product page).

5.)    Enter either your zip code or the zip code of the transferring FFL in the “Zip Code” search bar.

6.)    Select the radius in which the FFL receiving your firearm will be located within.

7.)    Press “Find FFL Dealer”

8.)    Click and select the circle next to the FFL dealer which you have contacted and are electing to use.

9.)    Press the black “Select FFL Dealer” button.

10.)  Add desired quantity to your cart.

11.)  Continue shopping or click the shopping bag icon, at the top of the page, and begin your checkout!

Now onto the in-person stuff.

12.)  Once your firearm(s) arrives, the FFL will contact you and notify you of the arrival. You MUST go to the FFL to get your firearm; the FFL legally cannot come to you.

13.)  Upon arrival to the FFL, you will fill out the necessary paperwork and pass a background check (this is generally very quick) and depending on your local laws and regulations, you could walk out with a brand new firearm in less than 5 minutes.

14.)  Pew pew.

*You can find a list of FFL dealers in your area by using the “Select FFL Dealer” button on each firearm’s product page.

**It is in your best interest to ask what the FFL’s transfer/NICS fee will be upon pick-up, most FFL dealers charge an average of $20-$30. 

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