About Us

Advance the second amendment by getting inexpensive firearms into the hands of good people or…. Arming everyone and their brother since 2019, whichever you prefer. That’s our goal and that’s what we set our “sights-on”, see what I did there 😉, every day we step into the office. My brother, Jarod Gagnebin, and I, Devin Gagnebin, started GunBros in early 2019. See, we’re both gun lovers and we began to notice a negative trend taking a venomous hold among the second amendment community.  Instead of a warm welcome into gun culture, new shooters were being ostracized, trolled, and for lack of a better term, sh*t on, by those with deep roots and a deep love for the second amendment. Look, we’re not here to make enemies, that would be bad for business, in fact we’re not even here to make “frenemies”, we’re here to simply get a gun in your hands; well maybe lots of guns, probably some ammo, and some accessories too, basically all the cool stuff you couldn’t have when you were younger. You know that one commercial gym that charges around $10/month and is a “judgement free zone”, except they do kind of judge (especially if you grunt or drop your weights) anyways we’re basically them, but for the gun community, while being legitimately judgement free. We have no prejudice on selling you a gun and believe literally everyone* should own one; new to shooting? You need a gun. Want to hunt? You need a gun. In the military? You need a gun. Own a business? You need a gun. Drive a car? You need a gun. Wipe your own ass? You need a gun. American? Yeah, you NEED a gun! Let us at GunBros help you make your first firearm purchase, your fiftieth firearm purchase, or even your five-thousandth firearm purchase; I see you John Rambo. Check out our online catalog, if there’s something specific you’re looking for and can’t find it or maybe you just have a few questions, message us by clicking chat on the bottom right corner of your screen, that goes directly to our cell phones, or send an email to support@gunbros.com. I can guarantee you that either our head of sales, Matthew Lenherr, Jarod, or I will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience, please do not hesitate to let us know if something is really grinding your gears and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Stay safe and happy shooting,

Devin Gagnebin

Jarod Gagnebin

*exclusive to those with stable mental health, stable well-being, and bound to the constraints of local and federal law enforcement regarding the ownership and possession of firearms and their accessories.